Sermar Machines

Firenze, Italy based Sermar Machines primarily designs and manufactures pre & post print finishing and packaging equipments. In addition, Sermar is an authorized dealer that has developed specialized skills and expertise in retrofitting Lexmark and HP inkjet print heads on various sheet, pack and reel transports used in graphics, mailing, packaging and variable data print applications.

Sermar Machines s.r.l. was created in 1992, developing as a result of specialized activities originating from Sermar S.d.f. which was founded in 1981.

Over the years, the company has acquired vast experience and developed solid expertise in providing solutions for the following print-related applications:
@ continuous forms with the production of pack to pack collators
@ labels with the production of unwinders with tension control and punch units
@ EDP centers and print finishing departments with the production of tension-free servers as unwinder and Bi-winder (wind and rewind functionality in one machine)
@ electronic sheeters and fan-folders for tractor-pins and pin-less continuous web/forms

A constantly growing company that focuses on technological innovations from evolving market demands, Sermar with its rich heritage of solid experience and expertise in the aforementioned applications competitively offers a truly reliable, dependable and enduring customer partnership.

Because Sermar guarantees complete and high quality service based on customer specifications, its offered solutions either come from the best third party products available in the market, or its own development resulting from intensive research and testing, or a combination of both.

On the strength of over thirty years' experience in the field of continuous forms, with more than 600 machines installed both in Italy and abroad, Sermar constitutes an authoritative presence in the World market.
Sermar’s ultimate goal is to help its customers succeed in their business.
We offer cost-effective solutions targeted to different areas of business, where we combine product functionality with the professionalism of our staff to ensure customer satisfaction in solving their specific problems. We offer valuable support in directing and managing innovations in the areas of pre and post print finishing as well as personalization and variable data printing based on our many years of extensive and comprehensive experience. We provide consultation based on our high competence in technological innovation and effective combination of products and services to always ensure the most professional solutions to our customers. We offer consistent, efficient, timely, and highly qualified customer service in ordinary or extraordinary circumstances to ensure continuing customer satisfaction.
Sermar takes great pride in always doing the right and best things for our customers!!

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