Electronic sheeter

New sheeter with electronic change size system. Versatile, equipped with long life blades that permits a high cut accuracy through a pneumatic cylinder. It is possible to work with single cut or double cut. It is also available a vertical slitting unit able to produce 2-up jobs. The cut register, according to sheet size, is always electronically controlled through a label gap sensor reader or print mark sensor. Eliminates gears from size changes. Dynamic offset of the cutting point. The sheeter can also works on line through a sensor (optional). The exit type can be with a fixed table or a belt delivery length cm 120 with job separator.

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Technical specifications

  • Web width rangemm 65/330 (2.5” / 13”)

  • Sheet length rangemm 50/610 (2” / 24”)

  • Lenght stepsmm 0,01 (0.0004”)

  • Double cut range mm 0,1/50 (0.004 / 2”)

  • Single cut speed 6.600 fogli/h sheets/h

  • Cutting accuracy approx. +/- mm 0,15 (0.006”)

  • Dimension WxDxH without unwinder with table cm 100x90x106

  • Dimension WxDxH without unwinder with belt delivery cm 200x90x106

  • Electrical power 230 V - 50-60 Hz - 1 kW - 6 Amp

  • Pneumatic power 0,5 MPa

Unwinder Basic (option):

  • dimensione massima del rotolo mm 600

  • Larghezza del nastro mm 65 / 330

  • Asse di rotolamento mm 76 option mm 150

  • Peso massimo del rotolo Kg 60

  • Velocità 50 m/min

  • Dimensioni LxPxA cm 60x74x109

  • Peso senza rotolo 30 Kg

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